Investment Management & Advice

Providence Wealth Advisory Group Pty Ltd (Providence) provides our business with investment guidance and an Australian Financial Services Licence.  ACD Financial provides Providence with financial planning services.  The two businesses have been working side by side for more than 15 years.

ACD constructs client's portfolios by utilising the research from Providence and other financial institutions.  ACD's Dr Steve Christie sits on the Providence Investment Committee.

Investment Committee Policy


The purpose of the Investment Committee is to provide a robust framework in order to identify risks, valuations, volatility and potential returns of each asset class.  This is undertaken with regard to the short term (cyclical) and long term (structural) global macro environment.


A formal quarterly meeting is conducted with informal meetings on a monthly basis.

The informal meeting is an opportunity for participants to discuss events over the past month and identify any developing risks.  This meeting will identify agenda items for the formal investment committee or issues requiring further research.  Fund manager or product approval can be sought during these meetings on the condition that the CIO and two other formal investment committee members, excluding the proposer is in attendance.  A unanimous recommendation is required for the approval of fund manager or product.


A review is undertaken of global and domestic economic forecasts including GDP, inflation, bond rates and leading indicators. 

A macro overview is provided identifying major geopolitical themes and global developments. Major potential risks are identified along with possible upside surprises.

The major macro theme likely to affect medium and long term valuation of assets is tabled.

A review of asset class performance and valuations is tabled.  The benchmark for valuations is the forecast return of each asset class.

Providence Wealth Advisory Group Pty Ltd 
Investment Committee Members

Each member of the Providence Investment Committee has deep investment expertise and experience, across a wide range of finance and investment specialities.  The current members and their back ground can be found at: